The research programme of GraWIToN involves, as participants, most of the so called ‘GW community’ at European level. This community is engaged in a challenging R&D activity with the aim to improve the sensitivity of the interferometric detectors to permit the detection of the expected gravitational signal. The technological progress required to reach this goal is intense, strongly linked to industrial applications and to sophisticated technological instruments and multidisciplinary. In particular, the GraWIToN research programme focuses on 4 sub-programmes “Optics” (OPT), “Simulation” (SIM), “High Power Lasers” (HPL) and “Data Analysis” (DAS), obviously related to key components of the advanced and 3rd generation GW detectors. The sub-programmes apply different but complementary methods and approaches for the progress of GW detection (theory and new conceptualisation, design of technological components, experimental testing and laboratory, simulation modelling, software applications, data analysis, etc.).

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