November 10, 2015 - GSSI, L'Aquila (Italy)


09:00 Introduction:

  • REA project officer, Athina Zampara

  • the Expert Reviewer, Anna Belehaki

  • the Project Coordinator, Michele Punturo

09:15 Tour de table: All scientist-in-charge should briefly present their research team and describe their role within the network. Introduction of the Associated partners (if any):

  • Federico Ferrini, EGO

    • Eric Genin, EGO
  • Eugenio Coccia, GSSI-INFN

    • Gianluca Guidi, Firenze/Urbino-INFN

    • Giovanni Prodi, TIFPA-INFN

  • Peter Wessels, LZH

  • Karsten Danzman, MPG

    • Benno Willke, MPG

  • Peter MacKay, G&H

  • Andreas Freise, UoB

  • Sheila Rowan, UGLA

  • Marc Ferrato (TBC), Boostec

  • Francesco Fidecaro, UNIPI

  • Maik Frede, neoLASE

  • Olivier Dalverny, INP-ENIT

  • Franco Geraci (TBC), TRII

09:45 Coordinator's report:

  • Michele Punturo

    • Elena Cuoco

    • Erika Morucci

10:45 Coffee break

11:00 Fellows' individual reports: Every funded fellow will present the project and results or achievements so far. Scientific content is expected in the presentations.

  • Gosselin, Matthieu (EGO)

  • Nahed, Rudy (Boostec)

  • Tornasi, Zeno (UGLA)

  • Lacaille, Gregoire (G&H)

  • Toyra, Daniel (UoB)

  • González Castro, Jose Maria (UniPi)

  • ESR 7 (under recruitment – INFN)

  • De Varona, Omar (LZH)

  • Trad Nery, Marina (MPG)

  • Schmidt, Justus (MPG)

  • Tiwari, Shubhanshu (INFN)

  • Wang, Gang (INFN)

  • Vinciguerra, Serena (UoB)

  • ESR 14 (under recruitment – INFN)

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Meeting between the MC fellows and the REA representative: Discussion with the Project Officer about their experiences within the Network, in terms of training, progress and impact on their future careers.

16:00 Coffee Break

16:15 Feedback and open discussion: Feedback from the REA Project Officer and the Expert Reviewer and discussion on the output of the Network so far, on possible training areas for future exploitation or the impact on the fellows' future careers development.

17:15 Last session: Meeting between coordinator/partners/financial managers and Project Officer to discuss financial issues.

17:45 End of the Meeting

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