Multiple detection of gravitational waves from Binary Black Holes mergers has opened up new possibilities for observational black hole astronomy, one of the major astrophysical results will be understanding how these binary black holes are formed in the astrophysical environments, to do this the parameters of the black holes observed will be necessary, these parameters can be information about the masses, spins and also the orbit of the system.  My phd thesis is devoted to search for binary black holes with eccentric orbits detectable in the current ground based interferometers. This will be the first observational results for such sources. The phd thesis for this is expected to be submitted by the end of this year and the defence is planned in March-April 2018, this thesis will be accompanied by the observational paper on the first and second run of LIGO interferometers.  

End of the last year there was a project management GraWITon school in Pisa, covering various aspects of project management in scientific research, then I went to Brussels to give a talk about the detection of gravitational waves for the occasion of 20 years anniversary of MSCA.
Since the beginning of this year I was fortunate to have multiple opportunities to give talks, and have collaborations around Europe, I gave a talk in EPS-HEP 2017 in Venice, also gave a talk in LVC meeting in Geneva CERN 2017 about the updates on eccentric black hole binary search. I went for a secondment in AEI, Hannover in Germany for three months to understand how eccentricity effects the modelled searches, I also went to Zurich, Switzerland to understand better the effects of eccentricity on the gravitational waves emissions and how the knowledge of the morphology of the waveforms can help the un-modelled searches.  

MSCA programs provides the opportunity to collaborate with research group across countries, this fact is already very important for scientific research but it becomes even more important and almost necessary inside a scientific collaboration like LIGO-VIRGO. These collaborations not only lead to new ideas and accelerated research but also creates an opportunity for active participation in the cutting edge research. This program has motivated me and provided me with a lot of experience and training in the field and has also exposed me to various research cultures, this has been a very enriching experience on both professional and personal level.

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