First trip to EGO/Virgo

On 9th December, I began an exciting trip from L’Aquila to Pisa, which was also my first trip in Italy. We would be in Cascina for 2 days for Virgo meeting.

As a PhD student of GraWIToN project, now I study in Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI). It was an exciting experience to visit the EGO/Virgo. I knew the Virgo several years ago, when I just began my master program to study the gravitational waves, which is in progress of a very challenging experiment.

When we arrived at EGO/Virgo in the morning of 10th, I was still impressed by the 3 kilometers interferometer arms, even I have heard of the Virgo configuration many times. In these apparatuses, the experimental physicists are preparing the most precise measurements in the world, which can be used to listen to the musical notes of the universe. Now it’s being upgraded to the advanced gravitational waves detector phase.

In the coming several years, a new observatory window will open up onto the universe. I can imagine that it will give us information of the most dramatic events in our universe and deeply improve our understanding of the cosmos. I feel lucky and honoured to participate in this promising research.

Thanks to Dr. Michele Punturo to drive us to EGO, and introduce the Virgo and members to us!

When the sun sets behind the horizon ranges in the distance and the darkness slowly spreads across the silent field, the splendour sunset glow goes over the EGO and Virgo.

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