New Year, new life! I arrived in Hannover just after New Year’s and soon began my work at the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI). It’s been less than one month, but I have already had the chance to discover some new physics and culture. The move from Brazil to Germany has been very smooth and I received a lot of support from the International Office of the Institute and from my colleagues, helping me with all details, from getting a visa to finding a nice flat.

My first month of research has been dedicated to theoretical studies of laser interferometers for detection of gravitational waves. I specifically focused on techniques of laser power stabilization, which are also the theme of my PhD research. Such techniques are extremely important in improving the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors, which makes it a very interesting field to work with.

During this first month I also had the opportunity to attend some great lectures presented by gravitational wave researchers, both from the AEI and abroad. The AEI has a very friendly atmosphere and discussions about Physics happen all the time, which makes it easier to understand new concepts. One example is the weekly group meeting, where we discuss our current work and related problems with other members of the group and learn more about their projects as well.

In the next weeks I will start working in the lab, as I will join another PhD student on laser stabilization experiments. This will also provide me with practical skills for my PhD project. It is an honor to be funded by Marie Curie Actions and to work in such a stimulating environment. I am very excited for the next few years, because of the opportunity to do great science as well as the potential for personal development.

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